Managing Bookings

You have total control over the bookings made through Cancel, reschedule and rebook new appointments within your profile or on your linked calendar. Manage the bookings through the platform to keep your users receiving the Notifications you've setup in the Notifications & workflow section. In this article we discuss: 

Rebooking your customer's next visit
Reschedule an existing booking
Cancel a booking
Delete a booking
Manage bookings directly in your linked calendar

Managing Bookings via

Managing your bookings can be done on your Dashboard, by clicking Bookings > View Bookings at the top of the page. You can also access the bookings for a specific profile by clicking bookings under that profile.

If you click Bookings > View Bookings it will give you all of the bookings across all of your profiles. You can filter this view by profile, or jump to a specific date.

Rebook, Reschedule, Cancel functions are found by clicking the arrow next to the Details button. 


Rebook is a great feature for follow up visits for your customer.

Rebook will not affect their current booking, but will instead create a brand new booking for your client, putting them back into your Notifications workflow. It will also pre-fill the booking form with the information they included in the original booking.

  • Click Rebook
  • Select the profile you want to rebook them on (if you have more than one booking profile, you can choose the same profile, or select a different booking profile)
  • Choose the Date and Time for the new booking
  • Click Submit on the Booking form


When a customer calls to reschedule a booking, use the reschedule feature to update their booking in your calendar, and keep them in the loop with your Notifications workflow. 

Rescheduling a booking will move this original booking to a new date and time that you select, and will notify the booker by email of the rescheduled appointment.

  • Select Reschedule
  • Select new date and time for booking on your booking grid
  • Confirm Reschedule


Cancelling a booking through the interface will alert your customer that the booking has been cancelled with an automated email that you can edit before sending.

  • Select Cancel
  • Edit the cancellation email to the booker (optional)

Deleting Booking data from

You are in complete control of the data you hold on Bookings deleted from will remain in your linked calendar.  This will not cancel the booking. It just removes it from your bookings page and any exports. It will also prevent them from receiving any future notifications regarding this booking.

On the bookings page, click Details for the booking you would like to delete. Then select delete:

Managing Bookings via your Calendar

You can also manage bookings directly in your linked calendar.


Moving the calendar event around on your calendar will auto-reschedule this event for your booker within They won't receive a rescheduled notification email from, but when your next reminder email goes out, they will be notified of the new day/time of their booking. 


Deleting the calendar event from your linked calendar will cancel this event within Your user will not receive a cancellation email through, but your Calendar provider may offer to send an event cancellation email.


You can change a booking to become a repeating event within your calendar. will send notifications for the original booking, but not for the repeating bookings.  

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