Adding an "Agree to Terms" box on Booking form

You may want to include your privacy policy or terms of use before your customers can book an appointment with you. While doesn't allow attachments to the booking form, you can link to a document on your website, or to an online storage site (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive).

1. On the Booking form, add a new a new Question.

2. Set this question type as a Checkbox, and in the label field name it something like "Agree to terms" or "Agree to Privacy policy." 

  • You can hyperlink the text to send them to your website using the format [terms of service]( 
  • Or click + Add text after a question to add a link to your website or online storage site. 

Decide if you want this to be a required field. If you assign this question a Shorthand code, you can refer to it again in the notifications to the booker

The format to make the clickable link [your linked text]( It will open in the same window, but you can provide instructions for your booker to right click and open in a new tab if you want to keep them on the booking page. 

Now your bookers will have to agree to your terms before confirming a booking with you.