GDPR (European and UK privacy and data regulations)

YCBM and GDPR. It sounds a bit like alphabet soup, but's compliance with European and UK privacy and data regulations (EU GDPR/UK GDPR), as well as our policies on privacy and data protection, are important topics to understand.

As a UK company, YouCanBookMe Ltd is registered under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) which is tailored by the Data Protection Act 1998, and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR). You can find our full terms and notices for Privacy here: or by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage and clicking 'Privacy'. 

In this guide we cover:

Requesting a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)
Setting Data Retention Limits
How to require your bookers to accept your Terms

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Our DPA thoroughly explains how is EU GDPR/UK GDPR compliant, specifically addressing:

1. How you use as a data processor of your booker's data, and 

2. How we act as a data controller of your data that you used to create your account with us.

Holding an account with us makes you eligible to receive a signed copy of our Data Processing Agreement.

Request A Signed DPA

Request a signed copy of our Data Processing Agreement here

Set Data Retention Limits

In order to comply with the EU GDPR/UK GDPR, you may need to set custom data retention limits in your account.

The default data retention setting for individual bookings is 24 months: 24 months after a booking is made, the data will automatically deleted. This setting can be changed in the settings on the account:

The data retention policy that is set will only delete the bookings information from It will not delete the information from the linked cloud calendar

For example, if the data retention policy is set to 12 months, all bookings from more than 1 year ago will be deleted from The date of deletion will be one year after the appointment date.

To learn more about how to manage Data Retention, see this guide.

Require Bookers to Accept Terms

To maintain your EU GDPR/UK GDPR compliance, you may need to add a "Terms" section to your booking form. This guide explains how.

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