Deleting your booker's data (GDPR)

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Setting Data retention limits
Deleting a single booking from
Deleting bookers data from linked calendar
How can I obtain the data processed by

Setting Data retention limits

Setting data retention limits can also help you clean up end-user booking data.

The data for individual bookings will be held and processed by us for up to 24 months after the time and date the booking was made. The data will be automatically deleted after 24 months, but you can change this in your account settings. You can find this setting on the Your Account page

The data retention policy that you set on the Your Account page will only delete the booking information from YouCanBookMe. It will not delete the information from your linked calendar.  If you set the data retention policy on the Your Account page to, say 12 months, all bookings from more than 1 year ago will be deleted from

👥  Part of a team account?

Account Owners will set the data retention limits for all bookings made on the team account. 

Deleting a single booking

You are the controller of your bookers data. By your bookers request, you may need to delete any data you hold on them from your account.

From your Bookings dashboard, you can delete any booking made by your booker, for any reason. Search for the users name or email address in the top navigation bar, and simply click into the booking. Then on the right side click Delete. You can decide to also remove the event from your linked calendar.

This will completely delete any data we hold about that booking and this action cannot be reversed.

How can I obtain the data processed by YouCanBookMe?

The data we process from your end-users is available to you through the bookings dashboard. You may also find information on your connected calendar account, and correspondence through email.

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