Automatically detecting bookers timezone

How do you manage bookings when your clients are spread all over the world? By automatically detecting their timezone and displaying your availability relative to their location.

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How it works
Turning off autodetect
Displaying timezone on booking page

How it works

Under Times & Availability > Language & Timezones, the feature Automatically detect booker timezone is checked by default on all booking pages. will detect your booker's timezone based on their IP address and display your availability to them relative to their timezone. 

When your booker visits your live booking page, they will see your available booking times translated to their timezone.

When the booking is made, it will go into your calendar at the correct time, while your bookers confirmation and reminder emails will reflect the time of booking for their location. 

That means when someone visits your live booking page, they will see your availability relative to their timezone (based on their IP address). 

So if you're in New York, and your booker is in LA or London, the start times will adjust.

In your confirmation emails, you can use Shorthand codes to refer to your start time {START} and the start time for your booker {START-BOOKER}.

Turning off autodetect

If you anticipate that all of your bookers are in the same timezone as you, you can uncheck the box to automatically detect the bookers time zone. Then everyone who views your live booking page will see the available times relative to whatever timezone we are detecting from your linked calendar.

Displaying timezone on booking page

When bookers are on your booking page, you can refer to the shorthand code {TIMEZONE-BOOKER} so they know what time they are booking in. 

My bookers timezone was detected incorrectly.

There may be times when you or your booker visit your live booking page and the timezone is different than the one you are actually in.

  • The IP address may throw the wrong time zone if you or the booker is using a VPN 
  • The internet provider is using an IP masking filter
  • The booking happens on a mobile device connected to a different cell tower

To verify that your page is detecting the right time zone, go to your mobile device, turn wifi OFF, and then visit your booking page from your mobile device. If it displays correctly here, you'll need to manually select your time zone.