Automatically detecting bookers timezone

By default, will detect your booker's timezone based on their IP address and display your availability to them relative to their timezone. 

Your booking page will show times you're available, but the booker will see this time translated to their timezone on the booking page. Once the booking is made, the event will be added to your calendar in your timezone. 

The event will be added to the booker's calendar in the booker's correct time zone, and all of the confirmation emails and reminders will reflect the correct timezone for both you and the booker.

This feature is enabled by default under Times & availability > Language & Timezones.

That means when someone visits your live booking page, they will see your availability relative to their timezone (based on their IP address). 

So if you're in New York, and your booker is in LA or London, they will see your availability in their own timezone. 

In your confirmation emails, you can use Shorthand codes to refer to your start time {START} and the start time for your booker {START-BOOKER}.

When bookers are on your booking page, you can refer to the shorthand code {TIMEZONE-BOOKER} so they know what time they are booking in. is not detecting my/my bookers timezone correctly

There may be times when you visit your booking page and the timezone is different than the one you are actually in.

The IP address may throw the wrong time zone if you or the booker is using a VPN or the Internet provider has IP masking filter.

To verify that your page is detecting the right time zone, go to your mobile device, turn wifi OFF, and then visit your booking page from your mobile device. If it displays correctly here, you'll need to manually select your time zone. 

Other timezone scenarios:

You are attending a conference in a different timezone and want to meet people face to face while you are there

You work from different locations in different timezones - for example, New York and Dublin: 

These scenarios are discussed in the article: Working across multiple timezones.

Tip: if you and your clients are in different timezones and your availability means that the times will show for them on the previous or next day, it's important to note that you need to make sure those days are 'checked' on the Times & availability page (even if it's not a day that you work) so your clients can view all your availability in 'their' day of the week.

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