Translate your Booking Page

With you have the flexibility of putting your booking page into your target language, or creating multiple booking pages in different languages. Most of the text you see can be edited, while other parts offer standard translation.

In this article:

Edit the booking page title and introduction
Translate the booking page language
Translate the questions on the booking form
Customize the language of the confirmation emails

Edit the Booking page title & introduction

Under General, edit the booking page title and booking page introduction into your target language. 

Edit the language of the page

Under Times & availability > Language & timezones, choose the Language for your booking page. You can also check the box to auto detect your visitors language (as set on their desktop or mobile device). This will change the way the days of the weeks and times are formatted on your booking page as well.

Translate the booking form

On the Booking form, you have full control over most of the fields by changing the wording in the Label box.

Translate the confirmation email

The text of your confirmation email is completely customizable to your target language. You can also use these guides:

Translate add to calendar buttons

Translate cancel and reschedule links

If there are certain fields you see are not yet translated in your target language, please get in touch with our support team as we are working on building our database of translations into as many languages as possible. 

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