Troubleshooting why times are still available

There are a few settings to check if your booking page is still showing you as available when the time should not be available for booking. Here's how to prevent double bookings: 

Check all day events in your calendar
Adjust your units per slot setting
Make sure busy events on correct calendar
Adjust your availability window
Verify your timezone is correct

All day events

If you've created an all day event on your calendar, it might revert to a  Free event. You'll need to set it to Busy to block your availability.

Adjust your units per slot setting

When you set your Units per slot greater than 1, will allow you to take multiple bookings in a time slot, or be booked on top of existing events on your calendar. To soak up all the units and block that time, you will need to put the phrase YCBM-OVERRIDE-UNITS into the event description.

Blocking events on the wrong calendar will only check the calendar you've connected to your booking page for availability. All busy events intended to block you from being booked must resided on the calendar we are checking (you can verify which calendar this is in your booking page settings, under Calendar & teams).  

If you have a dentist appointment Tuesday at 11am on your Personal calendar, but is only looking at your Work calendar, it will still display you as available Tuesday at 11am. 

To resolve this, copy or move this event to the calendar linked to To copy an event in Google, click the three vertical dots and select the calendar you want to copy the event into. 

Adjust your availability window will only search for availability between the hours you set on the Times & Availability > Availability. Check that you didn't start your availability at 9PM instead of 9AM, or select a day you're not actually available for bookings. 

Adjust your timezone settings will automatically detect your booking page timezone based on your linked calendar. If for some reason we are detecting it incorrectly, this is easy to fix