Explore the YouCanBook.me Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the center of your YouCanBook.me account. On your dashboard, you can view all of your booking profiles

1 - From the top right menu you can view your Account, Billing, Integrations (including connected calendar accounts, Zapier, Gmail and Stripe).

2 - Click Bookings in the top banner to access all of your booking data across all of your booking profiles. You can also export booking data from here. 

3 - Click Bookings underneath a specific booking profile to access the bookings just for that profile.

4 - Sort your booking profiles by title, domain, date edited, or status (online/offline). Use the spyglass to search for a specific booking profile.

5 - Click edit settings to edit each booking profile.

6 - Toggle a booking profile online so that it can take bookings

Folders are a great way to keep your profiles organised, you can read more about how to set them up here.

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