Exploring your YouCanBook.me Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the center of your YouCanBook.me account. Once logged into your account, your Dashboard will show you all of your booking pages, help you access any bookings you've received, and manage your Account settings. 

In this article:

Account Menu
Viewing Bookings
Organizing multiple booking pages
Using Folders
Setting booking pages online/offline
Editing booking pages

Use the top right menu under your account email to view your Account, Billing, Integrations, and Product Updates. You can also logout of your account via this menu.


Click Bookings in the top banner to access all of your booking data across all of your booking pages. From here you can also export booking data into a csv file. 

Click Bookings underneath a specific booking page to access the bookings just for that page.

Organize Booking Pages

Use the Sort feature to display booking pages by title, domain, the last date it was edited, or status (online or offline). Use the spyglass to Search for a specific booking page. Use the Grid option to view your booking pages in a tile view.


Organize your booking pages with  Folders on the right side of your dashboard, and star the folder you want to be your default view.

Setting a booking page Online/Offline

Toggle a booking page  online so that it can take bookings. Toggle it offline to prevent people from booking time with you. 

Edit booking pages

Click Edit settings to edit each individual booking page. Below this menu you can also duplicate or delete a booking page, access the embed code, or the booking associated with this booking page. 

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