Understanding the YouCanBook.me Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the center of your YouCanBook.me account. Once logged into your account, your Dashboard will show you all of your booking pages, help you access any bookings you've received, and manage your Account settings. 

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Account Menu
Viewing Bookings
Organizing multiple booking pages
Using Folders
Setting booking pages online/offline
Editing booking pages

You can navigate your account in the top right menu. 


You can see the overview of your account, update your account email or password, generate an API key, purchase SMS credits, set data retention limits or delete your account.


View and download invoices, update credit card information or billing address. 


View your own integrated calendar accounts and other services. 

Team Management

Invite colleagues to join your paid account.

Product Updates

Follow along as new features are added to the app.


Logout of your YouCanBook.me account.


All bookings made through YouCanBook.me can be viewed directly in your linked calendar and in list form on the YouCanBook.me bookings dashboard. Click Bookings from your Dashboard to view all bookings. 

1 - Filter Bookings

With multiple booking pages you can filter this view by a single booking page

2 - Search Bookings

Use the spyglass to search bookings by the bookers email, the booking REF, or the team member booked.

3 - Booking dashboard timezone

Verify that you are viewing the dashboard in the correct timezone for your location

4 - Jump to date

Use Jump to date to view bookings for a specific day

5 - Export bookings

Use the Export button to export bookings to a csv file.

6 - View Details

Click Details on a specific booking to see more information, or to cancel, reschedule, rebook, or mark as no-show. 

Organize Booking Pages

Use the Sort feature to display booking pages by title, domain, the last date it was edited, or status (online or offline). Use the spyglass to Search for a specific booking page. Use the Grid option to view your booking pages in a tile view.


Organize your booking pages with  Folders on the right side of your dashboard, and star the folder you want to be your default view.

Set a booking page online so that it can take bookings. Set it offline to prevent people from booking time with you. 

Edit booking pages

Click Edit settings to edit each individual booking page. Below this menu you can also duplicate or delete a booking page, access the embed code, or the booking associated with this booking page. 

Get Help

Click the ?on your dashboard to get more resources - Contact our support team, browse our Knowledge Base, watch videos in our Academy, read recent product updates, or connect with the YouCanBook.me community. 

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