Setting up separate booking profiles

Using more than one profile allows you to create a variety of schedules and scenarios to suit more complicated situations. All accounts have at least one profile - but you can add as many as you need at no extra cost

Why you might want to setup multiple profiles

Individual profiles have unique URLs and act completely independently of each other. This means they are an excellent solution when you have numerous scheduling options. 

  • Do your team members have very different availability? 
  • Do you want a different url for each of your team members?
  • Are you providing different services in different locations? 
  • Do you offer clients a choice of 1-on-1 and group sessions? 
  • Do you take payment for some, but not all, of your bookings? 
  • Do you operate in more than one language? 

The solution to all these use cases is adding another profile to your account. 

Step-by-step guide

Go to your dashboard and view your existing profile(s). You can either select Copy from a profile you have already configured, or click on the Create new booking profile at the bottom of your dashboard to create a new one from scratch.

Copying will give you a duplicate of the copied booking profile - but with a different booking page URL. This is great if you want to use similar settings repeated across a number of profiles. Once copied you can then edit the profile as normal with any required changes.

Setting your new profiles online and sharing

Once you've setup your new profiles you'll need to set them online before you share them. You can set your profiles online by switching the online/offline toggle on the dashboard. Once your profile is online, you can share and embed your booking profile and start taking bookings! 

Deleting a profile

Profiles can be deleted if they are no longer needed. Once the profile is deleted in cannot be undone. If you think you may need the profile again, you can simply set it offline. 

You'll need to type DELETE in the box to confirm deletion. Once this is done it cannot be recovered. 

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