Allow for quick follow up Bookings does not support recurring bookings or booking more than one appointment in the same session, as each booking carries its own unique ID. 

However, you can add a pre-filled link that will help to speed up the process for additional bookings. Follow this guide to add this link to the thank you page, confirmation email or even a cancellation email. When the booker clicks on the link they'll just need to select a time and the booking form will be pre-filled with the information used in their last booking. 

In this article:

Create your follow up link
Make your follow up link clickable

Create your follow up link

The format for your follow up link is:


Copy this line above and paste it anywhere you want to add the pre-filled link for follow up bookings. This will pull in the URL of your booking page where the booking was made, and the unique booking ID of the booking made previously. 

When your client clicks on the link, they'll just be prompted to select an additional booking time, and the booking form questions will be pre-populated with all of their information from the previous booking.

You can also use your booking page URL in place of the shorthand code {BOOKING-PAGE-LINK}, ie{ID}

Make your follow up link clickable

Make your link clickable by adding this format:

[your text]({BOOKING-PAGE-LINK}?basedOn={ID})

This will hyperlink "your text" and make it clickable for your client. 

To open the link in a new browser tab use this format:

[your text]({BOOKING-PAGE-LINK}?basedOn={ID}&useTarget=_blank)

This will hyperlink "your text" and clicking it will open your booking page in a new browser tab.