Adding Accept & Reject buttons for Tentative Bookings

The Tentative Bookings feature gives you ultimate control over all of your online appointments. It sets all bookings as a ‘request’ that you can approve or reject. You can quickly review the request and then accept or deny the booking with a click of a button.

When you turn on the Tentative Bookings feature, the confirmation email to you will contain the Accept and Reject buttons.

This allows you to act on the booking request straight from your email, without having to log into your account. 

If you don’t see the buttons in your email automatically,  it’s possible that you’ve edited the email and accidentally removed some of the template that provides the buttons. In that case, it’s easy to restore it.

In your booking page settings, go to Notifications, and then Actions. Under the section After New Booking made, edit theConfirmation email to you,  and add this line into the email content:

{IF-TENTATIVE}**This booking has not yet been confirmed.** {ACCEPT} {REJECT}{ENDIF-TENTATIVE}

This text will enable the Accept and Reject buttons when you have the Tentative feature turned on.  If you switch the Tentative feature off, they will no longer show.