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What are Formfields?
Edit how Formfields are displayed in confirmation emails

What are Formfields?

Formfields encompass all of the data from the questions you've configured on your booking page, under Booking form > Questions. The shorthand codes you assign to each question allow you to personalize your interactions with your customers.

By default, the shorthand code {FORMFIELDS} is included in any email notification created in your booking page settings under Notifications > Actions. This {FORMFIELDS} shorthand code will pull in all of the data from the booking form into the body of the email. 

Edit how Formfields are displayed in your confirmation emails

You can delete the shorthand code {FORMFIELDS} and enter just the information from the booking form you want in the confirmation email by listing those specific shorthand codes. 

To further stylize the content of the email, use the toolbar in the Email content section. You can also translate this into another language

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