Sharing Calendar Permissions with Microsoft

There are two ways to add your organization's Microsoft calendar integrations to a account.

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Sharing a calendar within Microsoft 
Integrating a calendar directly

The examples provided here are written specifically for users who integrate more than one Microsoft calendar account with a single ("centralized") account.

If you are integrating a single Microsoft calendar account with a single account, the steps are the same as the "Integrating a calendar directly" instructions.

Sharing calendar within Microsoft

This method below for sharing calendar permissions is for the Microsoft Outlook Live version. 

1. Select 'Share' from the top of the calendar page

2. Add the email address of the calendar account that is integrated with (this isn't necessarily the email address of the account) and select the permissions level 'can edit,' then click share

The account you share this with must be another Microsoft calendar account.  

Once this is done, you'll see their calendar as an option in the dropdown menu of the Calendar & teams section of your booking page as shown below.

Integrate the calendar directly

In some cases, you'll find that sharing permissions doesn't work as expected across Microsoft calendars. If this occurs, you'll need to integrate your colleagues' calendar directly into the centralized account. 

1. Log into the centralized account on a computer that is logged in to the Microsoft account that needs to be integrated

2. Once logged in, navigate to the Integrations page

3. Click " Connect" under the type of calendar you would like to add to the centralized account

4. Enter their Microsoft calendar credentials for the Microsoft account to integrate, and associated calendar will be added to the centralized account. 

Once this is complete, the newly-integrated Microsoft calendar account will be listed on the Integrations page of the centralized account, and you'll be able to connect any booking page in the YCBM account to the Microsoft calendar. 

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