Add new bookings to multiple calendars

For many people, displaying your availability for online bookings with simply means reflecting a work calendar. But, a lot of us have our lives spread across multiple calendars. You know when you’re busy at work. But what about family commitments? Or time needed for sports, hobbies or community activities? You can have review all of these parts of your life by linking all your calendars to your account. 

You may also be checking multiple team members availability on a single booking page, and need to invite all parties to the booking.

When a booking comes through, you have to select just one calendar that automatically adds the event to. But if you want to add the booking to other calendar accounts, you can use the Invite Participants to your calendar event feature under Notifications > Calendar events.

Add the email address of your additional calendar accounts, or your colleague's email to have all bookings on this booking page added to their calendars. 

The tag "All booking form emails" will fill with all email addresses that your client enters on your booking form. So the event will automatically be added to your client’s calendar as well.