Using Availability Diagnostics (BETA) links directly with your Google or Outlook calendar to find out which times we can show you as available for online bookings. 

In your settings, you create additional rules for your availability, like how long each appointment is, and if there should be padding between appointments. 

When you’ve got everything set up the way you need it, check the preview or the live view of your online booking page to make sure your availability is showing as you would expect. 

If it isn’t, don’t worry! There’s usually a very simple reason and you can use our Availability Diagnostics tool to find out and fix it quickly! 

The Availability Diagnostics tool is still in Beta. You can switch it on by navigating to YCBM Labs and setting the toggle to on.

Then head back to your settings and switch on Availability Diagnostics in the live Preview window.  

Slots that are marked as unavailable will appear in red. Hover over the question mark for more information about why that specific time slot is marked as unavailable.

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