Different availability for different appointment types

YouCanBook.me can help when you offer different availability for different appointments.

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Solution 1: Create Separate booking pages for each appointment type you offer
Solution 2: Use Teams feature for each appointment type you offer

Create Separate booking pages for each appointment type

You can create two bookings pages that link to the same calendar for availability. On your booking page you will designate the availability of each appointment type.

From your dashboard, either Duplicate an existing booking page, or create a new one from scratch. 

On each booking page, set the availability for the service you offer. In the screenshots below, Sales calls are only offered Monday - Wednesday from 3-5pm...

and Customer Onboarding is offered Thursday & Friday from 8am-5pm.

When you receive bookings from both booking pages, they will go into the same calendar. 

Each appointment type will have its own link so you can give out the links separately to your bookers depending on the service they want to book, or you can create a landing page on your website where your customer chooses their desired appointment type and that selection takes them to that specific booking link. 

You can also use Custom Availability on each booking page to further customize the availability of that appointment type. Simply use a different phrase for each page to differentiate the availability. 

Use Teams feature for each appointment type

You can use the teams feature to offer different availability for your different appointment types. Each appointment will be its own team member, linking to its own unique calendar so it can be booked independently of other services you offer. 

Under Calendar & Teams, toggle teams to On. Then select click Add team member to add a each appointment type, and connect it to its own unique calendar.

Use Custom Availability to set the the days and times each service is available for booking on each calendar.

With this solution, you will link multiple calendars to your account, but you'll have just 1 booking link to share with your customers.