Delete a booking page

On a paid plan, you can create as many separate booking pages as you need for your organization. You may want to create an online booking page per person, per team or per project. 

If you have created online booking pages for specific projects, or team members, you may not need them anymore when the project is over, or if the team members change. Depending on the data that you require, you can either set the booking page to offline, or you can delete it. 

Setting the page to offline means no one will be able to use the page to make an online booking. And your subscription won’t include any of the unique calendars on the offline booking page. But you would be able to access booking data held in the page, and its settings.

Deleting the booking page is a permanent action. Once the page is deleted it cannot be undone. Any bookings made on that page will also be deleted from your account and our servers. 

To delete a booking page, select it from your dashboard. From the Edit settings drop down menu, select Delete

You will need to type Delete in the provided box to confirm this action. This booking page along with any associated data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. 

If you need to delete booker information, but you don’t want to  delete an entire booking page, you can set a time frame for automatic deletion of booking data which will happen regularly according to your settings.