How to upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account from free to paid at anytime to get access to all of our paid features and remove our branding from your booking page.

On your dashboard, click the settings chevron in the top right corner, and select Upgrade (or you can click here).

Select your subscription plan - monthly, annual or bi-annual. The pricing is based on the number of calendars you have connected to your booking profiles ( pricing). You can also set your the currency you would like to be billed in (USD, GBP or EUR). 

The next page will have you add or confirm the billing details. This will appear on your subscription invoice each month.

The last step of the upgrade process is to enter your billing information. You'll have one last chance to change your subscription on this page. Click Upgrade and pay securely to finalize your upgrade. 

What if I change my mind?

You can  downgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime. If you cancel an annual subscription, the remainder of your subscription is credited to your account, but is not refunded. 

If cancel within 30 days of upgrading you qualify for our 30-day money back guarantee. Please get in touch with us to initiate this refund.

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