Contacting Support

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Below you'll find everything you need to get in touch with YCBM support and get answers about your account, bookings, or an issues you run. 

Support Options

Users on the 14-day free trial and paid users have access to the Support team via email. 

Support Email (Monday - Friday)
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Community Forum
Free Users
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Available Resources

To get help and access all our resources, login to your account and click on the ? in the top right corner. 

From here you can contact our Support team, search our Knowledge Base, view our Academy videos, read Product Updates, or reach out to fellow users on our Community Forum. 

Contacting Support

Clicking Contact Support will open a modal in the bottom right corner of your screen. Or you can click the Get Help button in the bottom right of your screen. Follow the prompts to send an email. 

If you're logged in clicking Contact Support does not display the email modal, that means your account doesn't include access to email support. If nothing pops-up when you click Contact Support, make sure no browser extensions are blocking pop-ups.

Details to include in Support Request

  • Which booking page on your account you're working with (the URL is the easiest way to share this, ie.
  • An explanation of the issue (you can use video!) 
  • Any detailed screenshots from your account or Google/Microsoft account
  • If it the issue is with a specific booking, please provide the date reference number (REF ABCD-EFJK-LMNO) of the booking, or the bookers email address. You can find the booking REF in your calendar event, or on the Bookings dashboard, by clicking Details next to the booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't free accounts get access to support?

YCBM is a small team and we don't have capacity to help all of our free users 1-1. To keep our costs down we limit access to support for only paying users. All of our free users can use the YCBM Forum to find answers for their issues or ask questions to the community. 

Does YCBM offer phone support?

At this time no. Again since we are a small team we find that email support helps us to provide faster responses to all of our paying users. In the future we will be exploring increasing capacity and opening up more support channels like phone and chat.

How fast will I get a response?

We have team members in the US and Central America. The working hours for the team is Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm EST. During these hours our response time is around 4-6 hours. During holidays we will get back to you as soon as we are back in the office.

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