Creating padding shorter than booking duration

The padding setting on your booking page helps keep you from booking back to back meetings. Follow this guide to understand how to set a padding duration less than the length of your meetings. 

Padding settings

Padding is tied to the grid display -  the increments of time that we divide your availability into. By default this is set to 60 minutes, so we divide your time into 60 minute blocks. You can edit this to be anything from 10 minutes to 24 hours under Times & Availability > Duration & display.

Once you adjust your grid display, you can set your booking duration and your padding - both as increments of that grid display.

The padding you set will be added before and after all bookings made through as well as on all existing events in your calendar. 

Padding is never compounded so the number you set is the maximum amount of time that will be blocked between bookings. Based on events on your linked calendar and the length of your booking duration, padding can reduce the available times on your booking page. 

Popular padding configurations

10 minute padding and 30 minute duration:

15 minute padding and 1 hour booking duration:

20 minute padding and 40 minute duration:

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