Override availability for certain clients

There may be times when your client requests a booking time outside of your standard hours offered on your booking page. 

You can duplicate your existing booking page to create an internal booking link with expanded hours. These bookings will still go on your same linked calendar, and your client will receive all the confirmation and reminder emails about their scheduled session. 

Starting from your dashboard, duplicate your existing booking page. 

On this new booking page you can expand your availability, outside of your standard working hours.

Since you've copied your existing booking page, all of the other settings will carry over and the Notifications section will still have the same emails and SMS reminders set to go to your client. You can edit any other details on this booking page as needed. 

Bookmark this new link internally to book appointments on behalf of your customers who request appointment times outside of your usual hours.  The bookings will still go into your calendar, and they will still be in the loop for notifications and reminders. 

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