Offer staggered appointments

You may need to stagger appointment booking times when you don't want multiple people arriving to the office at the same time, or your appointments allow for you to handle more than one person at a time. When you use the Teams and Custom availability features together, you can offer overlapping appointment times with staggered times. This setup will require two separate linked calendars and may impact your subscriptions costs. 

Follow along in this guide, as we stagger appointments by 20 minutes. Any increment of your grid display can be used for staggering. 

Set your availability & select a key phrase

In your booking page settings, navigate to Times & Availability > Availability, and select Custom Availability. Set your earliest start and end times for bookings each day.

Below the set working hours, enter a key phrase that will designate when you're available for bookings on your calendars. 

Set booking duration

Under Times & availability > Duration & display, set your grid display and the duration of your appointments. 

Your grid display will determine the amount of time you want to stagger your appointments, and the booking duration is the actual length of the appointment. 

Turn on Teams

Under Calendar & Teams, toggle teams to On. Then create two separate team members. You can title them whatever you want, but link each of them to a unique calendar on your account. Once both team members are added to the booking page, make sure to check the box "assume no preference" so your clients will skip straight to the page of available booking times.

Add availability to your linked calendars

On the first linked calendar you connected to a team member, add a new event, titled with your key phrase, and setting the event to Free. 

On the second linked calendar you connected to the second team member, follow the same process, adding a new event to cover the staggered availability, titled with your key phrase and set the events to Free. 

For best results, create individual slots the length of your booking duration, staggered across both calendars. In this example we are using 1 hour slots, staggered by 20 minutes.

View the live booking page

When all of your availability has been added to both your linked calendars, come back to and refresh the preview window. Click on the live booking page to see how it will display to your bookers. When someone books a 1 hour appointment at 7:00, the next staggered time slot at 7:20 will still be available for booking. 

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