Why do my confirmation emails say FNAME?

Shorthand codes are a powerful way to personalize your online booking experience and your notifications.  To help you get started when you create a new booking page, you'll find some standard questions on your booking form that have already been pre-assigned shorthand codes:

{FNAME} refers to your bookers first name

{LNAME} refers to your bookers last name

{EMAIL} refers to your bookers email address

These shorthand codes can be changed on your booking form, but to successfully pull in the data your booker enters on the booking form into the confirmation email and your calendar event, the same shorthand codes must used throughout the booking page. 

For example, if you’re seeing {FNAME} or any other curly-bracketed shorthand codes in your notifications instead of your bookers text, that means that shorthand code no longer exists on your Booking form. 

The best way to fix the problem is to update all references from the shorthand code {FNAME} to the new one you have created. Places to update the shorthand code include:

Booking form > After booking, on the static after booking confirmation page

Notifications > Actions > any email notification that sends to the booker

Notifications > Calendar events, anywhere that references your bookers information.