EDU: Parent teacher conference subscriptions provides a discounted subscription for K-12 schools who need a scheduling tool for a short period of time and need to connect a large number of external calendars.

The cost for the service is based per conference, and allows you to connect as many calendars as you need for your teachers.

Pricing for Parent Teacher Conference package:

  • For schools that don't charge tuition the price of the package is  per conference: $98.00 / €88.20 / £68.60
  • For schools that do charge tuition the price of the package is per conference: $140.00 / €126.00 / £98.00

Important notes on this package: 

  • This special pricing is only available for K-12 schools (Primary & Secondary education)
  • Setup must be under a single account - teachers will not have their own individual accounts
  • The special pricing gives you access to all of the paid features
  • The account will be active for 30 days from the start date of the plan
  • Schools can subscribe for up to four conferences per year
  • You will need to submit a separate request for each conference you will hold during the year
  • Payment must be by credit card at the time the package is activated

 If you'd like to get started with the parent teacher subscription, please take a moment to fill out this form. Once completed you'll be contacted by our finance team closer to your desired set up date. 

Please also take a look at this webinar recording about setting up with Parent/Teacher conferences:

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