Parent teacher conference subscriptions for educators is proud to support educators around the world with a specific Education discount and our unique Parent Teacher Conference plan. Whether you’re meeting in person or remotely by video, is an affordable way to make conference booking a breeze for you and for parents. 

The Parent Teacher Conference plan provides a discounted subscription for K-12 schools (Primary & Secondary education) who need a scheduling tool for a short period of time (30 days) and need to connect a large number of external calendars.

There is a flat fee for the service and allows you to connect as many calendars as you need, under one main account, for all your teachers.

Pricing for Parent Teacher Conference package:

  • For schools that don't charge tuition the price of the package is  per conference: $98.00 / €88.20 / £68.60
  • For schools that do charge tuition the price of the package is per conference: $140.00 / €126.00 / £98.00

What you need to know:

  • This special pricing is only available for K-12 schools (Primary & Secondary education)
  • There is one main account per school. Teachers are invited to share their calendar and Zoom accounts through this main account
  • The special package gives you access to all of the paid features, including the Zoom and Google Meet integrations
  • The account will be active for 30 days from the activation date
  • Additional dates can be requested beyond the 30 days for another flat rate
  • Schools can subscribe to this package up to four times per year
  • Schools need to request the rate through this form, not in the account settings
  • Payment must be by credit card at the time the package is activated, purchase orders are not accepted for this flat rate plan

How to request:

To get started with the parent teacher subscription, please take a moment to fill out this form. You'll receive confirmation of the subscription activation on your requested activation date.

Next steps:

Once your package has been activated, this article will help you setup your parent teacher conference account.

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