Manage a team across multiple timezones

With Custom Availability, you can manage your team across the globe, and allow them to control their available booking times directly on their calendar. 

In this article:

Set up your team booking page
Turning on pooled availability
Set Custom availability
Set meeting duration
Set availability on linked calendars

Set up your team booking page

This help article will give you the essential steps to setup your team booking page. 

Turning on pooled availability

The No preference feature allows you to show the pooled availability of the whole team. This allows your booker to select the "first available" appointment, if it is not as important who they meet with, but when. If multiple team members are available at the same time, bookings will be assigned at random until each team member is booked at that time - then that time slot will no longer be available for booking. 

Select  Include no preference to add the option at the bottom of the teams page.
Select  Assume no preference to skip the team member selection and go straight to the pooled availability view. 

Set Custom Availability

1 - Under Times & Availability > Availability, select "Custom Availability" and set the widest range of working hours you might possibly take a booking. For teams in various time zones set these working hours as 12am-12am. 

2 - Set a keyphrase you will use to identify times you're available for booking.

3 - Each team member will use that key phrase on their linked calendar and designate the blocks of time when they want to take bookings. 

Each team member can set a few or many booking blocks as they'd like, depending on their availability. They can add or remove available booking times by adding or removing blocks from their calendar.

Video: Setting up Availability for your team

Set meeting duration

The next thing you'll set is the duration of your meetings. Your grid display will determine the length of meetings you can offer.

  • For a 45 minute meeting, you can set your grid display to 15, or 45 minutes, and your booking duration to 45 minutes. 
  • For 1 hour 15 minute meeting, you can set your grid display to 15 minutes, and your booking duration to 1 hour 15 minutes. 
  • For a 1.5 hour meeting, you can your grid display to 30, 45 or 90 minutes, and your booking duration to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Set availability on linked calendars

Each team member will go to their own linked calendar (i.e. Google or Outlook) and create events on their calendar with that selected Custom Availability phrase you set in step 2. They will create these events on their calendar when they are available. The events need to be at least the length of your appointment duration, and are set to  Free (the default when creating a new event is  busy).

Team members part of multiple booking pages can have multiple Custom Availability events on their calendar.

Once each team member has added in their availability slots on their calendar, refresh your browser window and those times will show for booking on The preview window will show the combined availability of all team members. If you have not selected Assume no preference, visit the live booking page to see the availability for a specific team member.