Setting specific start times

You can set specific times for booking on your booking page by using Custom Availability. This is a good solution if:

  • You are following a set schedule for an event
  • You want to manually create padding between bookings
  • You want shorter meetings to only start at the top of the hour
In this article: 

Set your Grid display
Choose your booking duration
Set your available booking days
Set your working hours
Set a title for the events
Create events on linked calendar

Set your Grid display

It is important to start with your Grid display because it will have a direct impact on the start times on your booking page. The grid display is the increments of time we display your availability in.

For the most flexibility, select a 10 or 15 minute grid display:

  • Selecting a grid display of 15 minutes allows your start times to be at :00, :15, :30 or :45 past the hour. 
  • Selecting a grid display of 10 minutes allows your start times to be at :00, :10, :20, :30, :40 or :50 past the hour.

Choose your booking duration

The booking duration is the length of your appointment. Your booking duration can be any multiple of your grid display. 

  • A 15 minute grid display will allow booking durations of 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes, etc.
  • A 10 minute grid display will allow booking durations of 10, 20, 40, 60 minutes, etc.

If you are feeling limited by your booking duration possibilities, adjust your grid display.

Select the days you're available for booking

Next you will navigate to Times & availability >  Availability. Select Custom Availability.

Tell the system which days you want us to look for availability. We will not display availability on any day that is unchecked. If you uncheck all of the days we will not be able to display them as available for booking. 

Set your working hours

For the days you're available, set your widest range of working hours. 

If your schedule varies from week to week, check all the days of the week, with your widest range of working hours. 

Choose a title for your events

Select a key phrase you will use to identify available booking times on your calendar. We will use this phrase to search your linked calendar for events. Once you've set the key phrase, click Copy and open your linked calendar in a new browser window.

Create Events in your linked calendar

Create new events on your linked calendar, pasting in the key phrase you've set in 
To have just specific start times show make the events the length of your booking duration. 
Set each new event on your calendar to free. 
Make the events repeating if you're available at that same time every day/week.

To see your availability update in, refresh the browser window or the live preview.