Sharing calendar permissions

To add bookings to your team members calendar, we recommend inviting them as a Contributor on your account. This will allow them to share their Google or Outlook calendar directly with your account, as well as their Zoom credentials.

If for some reason you don't want to invite your team member or colleague as a Contributor, they can also share their calendar with you directly through their own calendar account. 

Share the directions below with your colleague on how to share their calendar permissions through their Google or Outlook account. 

Note: Permissions cannot be shared across platforms - Google calendar permissions can only be shared with another Google account, Microsoft calendar permissions can only be shared with another Microsoft account.

Sharing calendar permissions in Google
Sharing calendar permissions in Microsoft

Sharing calendar permissions on Google

  • Navigate to Google Calendar and click the Settings gear icon on the top right. 
  • On the left side, scroll down to Settings for my calendars and select the calendar you would like to share.
  • Under Share with specific people, enter the email address of the Google calendar account that is integrated with (it could be different than your email address). 
  • Select the permissions level Make changes to events from the dropdown.  
  • Click Send to save changes. 

If someone has shared their calendar with your calendar account and you still don't see it on your list of calendars within, please check your calendar account email as you may have to click "Add this calendar" in the email to accept the new permissions for to see the shared calendar. 

Sharing calendar permissions on Microsoft

Please note that there are several versions of Microsoft and different ways to share calendars. The method below is for Outlook Live.

  • Select Share from the top of the calendar page. 
  • Select the calendar to share and add the email address of the Microsoft calendar account that is integrated with (this may be different than your email address of the account)
  • Select the permissions level Can Edit and then Click Share.

If you find you're unable to see shared calendars within, see  this help document for further Microsoft calendar permission tips.