Rescheduling a booking

Things happen, and appointments sometimes need to be rescheduled. Here's how to reschedule a booking from within or directly on your calendar.

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Rescheduling a booking from within
Rescheduling a booking on your linked calendar
How your booker can reschedule a booking
Setting limits on reschedules
Rescheduling on a team booking page

Rescheduling a booking from within

On your dashboard, click Bookings in the top banner, or under the booking page you're working with. 

Select the booking you would like to reschedule. Click the arrow next to the Details button and click Reschedule.

The next screen will be your booking page, for you to select a new date/time for this appointment.

  • You will reschedule the booking in the timezone that your booker originally booked in. If you need to change their timezone you'll need to cancel the booking and rebook the appointment in the correct timezone.
  • If your booker selected a specific team member, the reschedule page will only show the availability of that team member. If you have "assume no preference" selected, the appointment can be rescheduled with any of the available team members. 

You'll be prompted to confirm the reschedule. When you return to your Bookings page and refresh the browser window, you'll see the new day and start time for this booking.

Rescheduling the booking through will trigger any emails or SMS you have setup under Notifications > Actions > If booking rescheduled > By you.

If you or your team member would like to receive confirmation of the reschedule by email or SMS, create a new notification to yourself or your team member

Reschedule a booking on your linked calendar

When a new booking is made, you will see that booking appear on your linked calendar (Google, Microsoft.)

To reschedule this booking directly in your calendar, simply drag it to the new date/time. If you have Invite participants to event turned on, your calendar may prompt you to send an updated event to your booker. This is completely optional to send and the notification is generated by your calendar, not by

When you come back to your Bookings dashboard within you'll see the new date and time for this rescheduled booking.

Moving a booking manually on your calendar  will not trigger any emails to your booker from within It may trigger an email from your calendar, if you've selected to send an updated event invite to your booker. 

How your booker can reschedule a booking

In your confirmation emails to your booker after a booking, we automatically include two shorthand codes: {CANCEL} and {RESCHEDULE}. These links allow your booker to reschedule the booking on their own.

If you want to prevent your booker from cancelling or rescheduling a booking, simply remove these shorthand codes from your emails to them. 

When your booker clicks on the link to reschedule, they will be brought to your booking page to select a new date and time. Once they've confirmed the reschedule, it will trigger any emails you have setup in Notifications > Actions > If a booking reschedule > by the booker.

You may decide to create an additional confirmation email to the booker, so they know their booking has successfully been rescheduled. 

Setting limits on reschedules

You can prevent your booker from rescheduling an appointment too close to the start of an appointment with reschedule limits.

Navigate to Notifications > Actions, and click "Edit cancellation & reschedule limits" next to the  If booking cancelled trigger.

On this page you can set how many hours before the start of an appointment your client can cancel or reschedule. You can also edit the message they see on screen if it is too late to cancel or reschedule.  

The limits you set for reschedules will be applied to cancellations as well. 

Rescheduling on a team booking page

If a booker reschedules a booking with a team member, the booker doesn't necessarily get automatically rescheduled with their original team member. 

If Booker automatically assigned team member is selected on your team booking page, the reschedule will first check the original team member, and if that team member is available at the desired reschedule time, the reschedule will go to the original team member. If that team member is not available, the rescheduled booking will get randomly assigned a team member based on the time new time selected. 

If a specific team member was selected at the time of booking, the rescheduled booking will stay with that team member. 

To keep rescheduled bookings with the originally scheduled team member on randomly assigned bookings, open your Cancellation & Reschedule limits settings, and check the box "Force reschedules with original team member."

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