Why does all the data appear in 1 column in my data export?

You've exported your bookings file into a CSV file. When you open it in your spreadsheet editor (Excel, for example), it shows all of the data in a single column, instead of splitting them across columns.

The reason behind this behavior is that CSV files (Comma Separated Values) are splitting data into columns using " , " as separator by default. But in certain countries, the default value used as separator is " ; " instead.

To resolve this issue, within your open CSV file, you can click on the Data tab, select Convert and choose commas.

To change the settings for future Excel documents:

  1. Go to your Settings page clicking on the link in the top-right corner of your screen (You have to be an admin)
  2. In the Localization module, change the "List separator for exports" field to  "comma ( , )"

To change the settings for your Windows computer: 

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. 
  2. Click “Customize”. 
  3. Enter “,” for “List Separator”