What happens to my bookings if I change my linked calendar?

YouCanBook.me regularly reviews the bookings on your linked calendar and updates the system with any new information, like:

  • a booking has been manually moved to a new day or time on your calendar
  • a booking has been cancelled by being deleted from your calendar

When you remove or delete the calendars that YouCanBook.me is looking at for your availability, you're also removing the calendars where YouCanBook.me is adding your bookings.  If we can't see the events anymore, the booking will be marked as cancelled within YouCanBook.me and we won't send any reminders or follow-up emails about that booking. 

So how can you change your linked calendar and keep all your existing bookings where YouCanBook.me can see them? 

First, you will want to copy all of the existing events that have been booked through YouCanBook.me to the new calendar you want to integrate. You can do this in Google calendar by opening the event, selecting "More Actions", then Copy to.. or Change owner.

If you have a large number of events you can export them from your old calendar to your new calendar. Google provides directions on how to do that here: 

  1. Export bookings from one Google calendar
  2. Import bookings to another Google calendar

In Outlook, it isn't possible to reassign the event directly. You need to recreate the events manually, or you can try exporting the events to the new calendar

When this is done, YouCanBook.me will still be able to see the existing booked events when you change your linked calendar.