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If you've created a new account after May 2019, you'll see some differences from older accounts in the way your booking page appears, or how you make changes to your settings.

We have been hard at work re-imagining the booking experience for both you and your booker. This includes a new universal theme for all booking pages, improved performance, better accessibility and a completely redesigned mobile experience. We are confident these changes will make scheduling for your team even simpler.

Our testing has shown a 21% increase in bookings on the new theme as compared to the old theme.  This has a lot to do with the much better functionality on mobile devices. 

In order to optimise these improvements, we have had to eliminate some of the styling options that were previously available. While you can no longer select a theme, you can edit the main color of your booking page under Styles & appearance, and our tool will shade the rest of your page using variations of that color. 

Get in touch with us now if you want a preview of how the new experience will affect your current booking page.

Logo Upload

When uploading a logo to the General section, make sure you upload a square or circular logo for the best results. The logo will be auto-resized to 130 x 130 pixels.

Styles & Appearance

  • Select the main color of your booking page, our tool will shade the rest of your page using variations of that color.
  • You can use one of our preset theme colors, or enter the Hex code of your custom color. 
  • Add a footer with a link to your website, or other contact information.
  • If you're embedding your booking page in your website, uncheck the box to break out of enclosing framesets on mobile so bookers stay on your website.

Mobile Experience

You'll really see the difference in the booking experience when visiting your live booking page on a mobile screen. Users can now scroll on your availability horizontally, and easily navigate from week to week. In the GIF below you'll see the old booking experience on mobile on the left, and the new experience on the right. 

Appointment Types

Appointment Types will display like this on the new experience: 

Team Members

Team Members will be listed like this on the new experience:

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