What is the new booking experience?

We've listened to feedback from our users and their bookers on how we can improve the booking experience. That has lead to a completely streamlined and booking page layout. 

💡 When do I have to switch my booking page to the new layout?

We will be moving all booking pages to this new layout by May 1, 2022

What's improved on the new experience

Booking pages on the booking experience have:

  • Improved performance
  • Better accessibility
  • Completely redesigned mobile view

All of which has led to a 20% increase in bookings on the new experience compared to the old themes.

To optimize the experience, there are a few things that are no longer supported such as,

  • Hiding unchecked days
    To create a consistent weekly view, we no longer support hiding unchecked days.
  • Showing a custom number of days per page
    To create a consistent weekly view, we no longer show more than 7 days per page.
  • Using custom colors and fonts
    To improve accessibility, legibility, and a consistent user interface, we no longer allow custom fonts or being able to choose more than 1 custom color. To personalize your booking page, you can choose your brand color in the Styles & Appearance settings.
  • Using custom CSS
    Custom CSS represents a security flaw for YouCanBook.me accounts. To provide the most secure experience for our customers and their bookers, we no longer support the use of CSS on booking pages. Our hope is to address those desired customizations in app once all users are on a unified layout.
  • Adding a booking page header
    To maintain a consistent user interface and ensure booking times are front and center of your booking page, we no longer support having a custom header. To include extra information and personalization, you can include a footer by visiting the Styles & Appearance settings.

Logo Upload

When uploading a logo to the General section, make sure you upload a square or circular logo for the best results. The logo will be auto-resized to 130 x 130 pixels.

Read more on best practices for images on your booking pages

Styles & Appearance

  • Select the main color of your booking page, our tool will shade the rest of your page using variations of that color.
  • You can use one of our preset theme colors, or enter the Hex code of your custom color. 
  • Add a footer with a link to your website, or other contact information.

Appointment Type Selection

When offering a variety of services on a booking page, the booker will be presented with options like this. 

Team member selection

When allowing your booker to select the team member they would like to meet with, they will be presented with this selection page: 

Mobile Experience

You'll really see the difference in the booking experience when visiting your live booking page on a mobile screen. Users can now scroll on your availability horizontally, and easily navigate from week to week. In the GIF below you'll see the old booking experience on mobile on the left, and the new experience on the right. 

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