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If you're not using our Zoom integration to generate unique Zoom links for your team members, you can share a static video meeting link following the steps outlined below. The below method works for sharing static links from Whereby, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

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Use the Team Description field
Use Conditional Statements in confirmation emails

Use the Team Description field

This solution works best if you are using Booker automatically assigned team member so the team members static link is not exposed to all bookers.

For each team member you setup under Calendar & teams, add their static video link to the team description box.

Navigate to Notifications > Actions, and in your confirmation emails you can reference the shorthand code {TEAM-DESCRIPTION} and that will display the Zoom link of the team member that was booked.

Follow the same steps in your Reminder email to booker, adding {TEAM-DESCRIPTION} where you want the static video link displayed. 

To make the link clickable, use the Markdown format [{TEAM-DESCRIPTION}]({TEAM-DESCRIPTION}).

You can also add the static link to the calendar event. Navigate to Notifications > Calendar Events. Under Event Location, select Set location and add {TEAM-DESCRIPTION} to the field below.

To hide this static meeting link from bookers on the booking form, delete the Team Description question.

Use Conditional Statements in confirmation emails

You can use conditional statements to display each team members static video link in confirmation emails, as well as in the calendar event description or reminder emails.

In your booking page settings, navigate to Notifications > Actions, and select the email you want to edit, ie Confirmation email to booker. Build out a conditional statement for each team member. There are no spaces after the EQUALS and the team member name. 

{IF}{TEAM-NAME}{EQUALS}Mia Martin{THEN}Your meeting will be on Google Meet with Mia with this link: {ENDIF}
{IF}{TEAM-NAME}{EQUALS}James Darrell{THEN}Your meeting will be on Whereby with James with this link: {ENDIF}

{IF}{TEAM-NAME}{EQUALS}Michelle Baylor{THEN}Your meeting will be on GoToMeeting with Michelle with this link: {ENDIF}

Depending on which team member is booked, their static video link will appear in all confirmation and reminder emails where this set of conditional statements appear.

To make the links clickable within your conditional statements, use the Markdown formatting [your link](your link).

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