iCloud integration no longer supported

Unfortunately, due to reliability issues outside of our control, we've made the decision to sunset support for iCloud integrations starting August 2019.

If you currently integrate an iCloud calendar with your YouCanBook.me account, you may need to switch to another calendar provider.

To decide if you should switch, please check your account using the guide below. Please note, even if none of these issues are present, they may appear in the future, and you will need to switch at a later date if any of these issues appear.

Should I Switch To Google Calendar?

Symptom (affected users may experience any of the listed symptoms) You should switch now You may need to switch in the future
Bookings made through YouCanBook.me appearing as cancelled, even though the bookings are still on the linked calendar
Clients not receiving confirmation emails after booking
Busy events on calendar not being respected, resulting in double bookings X
All-day events set to busy not blocking availability X
Existing events on the iCloud calendar not accurately blocking availability on YouCanBook.me X
Trouble accepting tentative bookings as they appear cancelled before they can be accepted X
None of the above symptoms, everything operating normally X

The above errors are symptoms of an unreliable signal of calendar availability from Apple. Because these errors appear inconsistently among iCloud users, you may not be affected by them at this time.

We must be able to rely on the signal that Apple sends us about the data in your iCloud calendar. If you have checked your account using the above guide and are affected by this iCloud inconsistency, it affects both the availability that your bookers see, as well as the status of your bookings and the notifications that are sent out. The inconsistency of iCloud's availability signal is simply not up to our standard of what we offer our users which is why we are encouraging all affected users to switch off of iCloud.

It is not a small thing to ask our users to change the way they manage their schedule, and this was not a decision we took lightly. We take very seriously our promise to you to make scheduling simple, and want to give you and your bookers the best experience possible. Our focus is on you, and providing a tool that works. 

We understand that you now must make a decision that makes sense for your business moving forward. If you choose to stay with YouCanBook.me we are happy to provide directions on moving from iCloud to Google (recommended).

How to Switch from iCloud to Google Calendar

The steps outlined below take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

First, if you don't have a Google account, you should create a free one here. Once that's complete, please follow these steps:

  1. Export your bookings and calendar events from iCloud.
  2. Import bookings and events into Google.
  3. Integrate the Google calendar with your YouCanBook.me account.
  4. Change the calendar your booking page is looking at for availability.

If you manage your calendar through iCal, you can still see the Google calendar there: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/99358

What If I Can't Switch To Google Calendar?

We understand that moving from iCloud to Google may not make sense for your business. In this case, we would suggest looking for a new scheduling service that will better fit your integration requirements.

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