Using teams to schedule multiple resources

The teams feature can help you manage resources like meeting rooms or equipment. Your clients can book the resource they need when they need it.

In this article we discuss:
Adding linked calendars to your account
Activating teams feature
Using "No preference"
Alternatives to using Teams for managing resources

Adding linked calendars to your account 

The first thing you need to do is to have a calendar for resource that can be booked.  Please note that each calendar you link to is charged $10 per month. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Create a sub-calendar in your Google or Microsoft account for each resource to be booked. (Directions from Google) (Directions from Microsoft)
  2. If each resource already has it's own calendar you can integrate the calendar accounts with your account.  

Activate the Teams feature 

  1. Select the Calendars & teams section.
  2. Click the toggle for the teams feature to On.
  3. Click on 'add team member'
  4. Choose a calendar for your resource from the drop-down, then fill in the title of the resource and an email address - this email address will be notified of bookings, but bookers will not see the email address.
  5. Add a description and a photo for each resource (optional).
  6. Click on 'save changes' then 'add team member' again until you've got each resource added.

Using "No preference"

This powerful feature allows you to show the pooled availability of all resources. With the check boxes at the top of the section you can either include the 'no preference' choice alongside the other resource names, or you can assume the 'no preference' and skip the selection page altogether.

This works well when the time of the appointment is more important than the resource being booked.  It shows the widest range of possible start times. With the no preference option, if two resources are available at the same time the booking is assigned at random.

Teams FAQ

How does units per slot work with the teams feature?

If you are allowing multiple bookings in each available time slot, that means each resource can take multiple bookings. So if you set units per slot to 2, and you have 3 resources available Tuesday at 2pm, you will be able to take 6 bookings in that available slot. 

Can I create a direct link to a single resources availability?

Yes you can directly link to each resource.

Alternatives to managing resources

The benefit of using the Teams feature is that you get a single booking link and you can use the 'no preference' option to pool availability. But there are other ways to manage resources. For example, using  multiple booking pages and our 'units per slot' feature

Multiple booking pages

Each resource can have their own booking page. In this case, each resource would have their own booking link to give out to clients as required.

Each resource would still need to link to its own calendar so that its availability is not affected by bookings for other resources.

Units per Slot

If all the resources you are allocating are identical (i.e. it doesn't matter which resource a booker gets) then consider using the units feature. All the bookings will live together on one calendar. As you receive multiple bookings in the same timeslot, you can manually assign out the bookings to a resource from your linked calendar. 

If the resources are in some way different (e.g. meeting rooms which each have different facilities) consider creating a separate calendar for each bookable resource and then offer them side-by-side using the teams feature.