Transfer a booking between team members

Bookings made on linked Google calendars can be manually transferred between team members, using the steps in this guide. 

There is not currently a way to transfer bookings between Microsoft calendars. 

When a booking is transferred between team members:

  • The title and body of the calendar event will not change. If the calendar event referred to the originally scheduled team member, the new team member can manually edit the calendar event to reflect the new changes.
  • Any Zoom links generated by will continue to work. If a static Zoom link was included in the calendar event, the new team member should update the calendar event to reflect that.
  • Transferring the booking will not trigger any notifications to the booker - however future schedule notifications will reflect the new team members name/information.

Transferring a booking to a new team member on Google

View your bookings on your Bookings dashboard within

On Google Calendar, open the booking you would like to transfer. Click More Actions in the top right corner of the event and select Change Owner. 

Enter the team member's email where you want to transfer the booking. Remember this needs to be a calendar has permission to access.

This will prompt an email to the new team member. They need to click on the event to accept ownership of the new event. 

Once the new team member has clicked the link and accepted Ownership, the booking will appear on the new team members calendar. 

Within, the bookings dashboard will update with the new team member's name.

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