Integrating a calendar with integrates with both Outlook 365 and Google calendar accounts. ( Why not Apple?) needs permission to access your calendar account so that we can read your free/busy times on your calendar, and so that new bookings can be written to that calendar. To do this, you'll want to integrate your calendar account with 

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Integrate a new calendar account
Remove an integrated calendar account

Integrate a new calendar account

When your account is first created, you were prompted to integrate either with a Google our Outlook 365 calendar account. At any time, you can choose to integrate additional calendar accounts.

Click the menu in top right of your screen and select Integrations

Click the Connect button under the calendar account you want to link. Enter your credentials for the new calendar.  

When the integration is complete, you'll be returned to the Integrations page and see that your new account has been successfully integrated with 

Return to your account dashboard and edit any booking page to check that calendar for conflicts

Remove an integrated account

At anytime you can remove an integrated account or service. On your Integrations page, select the account you want to remove from and click Disconnect.

What about my bookings?

Any bookings made on this calendar account you've disconnected may appear as cancelled in your bookings dashboard, as we can no longer access those bookings. Your clients will not be notified about this change, but future scheduled notifications for these bookings will not send. 

If you disconnect a calendar account, any booking pages linked to calendars in that account will stop working. You'll need to edit those booking pages to link them to a different calendar, or set them offline

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