Customize the confirmation email to your booker automates all of your communication with your clients, from the time they book a meeting, until after the meeting finishes. You can customize all of the notifications to provide more details about the booking in your desired language.

This article walks you through all of the ways the initial confirmation email can be customized, but the principles apply to all emails in the section Notifications > Actions.

In this article:

Name the email in your settings
When to send the email
Sending email address
Receiving email address
Email subject line
Email content
Adding images & links

Under the first trigger  After new booking made, click Confirmation email to booker to begin editing.

Email name

This is for your internal use, to identify the email within the Notification section of your settings.

When will this email be triggered? 

Set the length of time after the booking that this email will be sent to your booker. 0 minutes will send the email immediately after the booking occurs.

Sending email address

By default this email to your booker will send from your account email address. You can click Edit to send it from any email address you want (does not need to be related to your account email). 

  • Use the shorthand code {TEAM-EMAIL} to send it from the team member that was booked
  • The email you set will need to be verified
  • Integrate your account with Gmail to send from a Gmail account - you'll see the sent emails in your sent folder

Receiving email address

If you have added an Email question to your booking form, this email will automatically send to the email address your booker enters on the booking form. 

  • If you ask for multiple emails on the booking form, select "Custom Email" from the drop down menu, and enter the shorthand codes for each email address in the box below.

Email subject line

 This is the subject line the booker will see in their email inbox. Customize this to make it more clear what they have booked. This is a great place to use shorthand codes, like {TEAM-NAME} to show which team member they booked, or {START-DATE} to show which day they booked for. 

Email Content

This is the content of the email. This text can be edited in any language, to provide whatever information you need to send to your booker in the confirmation. 

  • Use the shorthand code {LOGO} to add the logo you've uploaded on the General tab into your confirmation email
  • Use the B and I in the toolbar to add bold or italicized text
  • Click the link symbol in the toolbar to add a hyperlink to your email
  • Click the image symbol to insert additional images into your email
  • Use the { } in the toolbar to see a list of possible shorthand codes you can use in your communications
  • The {RESCHEDULE} and {CANCEL} links can be translated into your target language

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