Add a location to your calendar event

You can customize all the details of how the booking appears in your calendar and your bookers calendar, including adding a location.

Navigate in your booking page settings to Notification  > Calendar events.

Set a Physical Location

In the section Event Location, select Set Location to add a physical address to your bookings. On Google Calendar, this address will be turned into an active Google Maps link. You can also reference the location in your confirmation and reminder emails using the shorthand code {LOCATION}.

Generate unique Zoom link

If you have Zoom account integrated with, select Zoom. This will generate a unique meeting link for each of your bookers and put that link in the location section of your calendar event. 

  • This Zoom integration is in Beta, and only currently works for single Zoom accounts. See our team Zoom for teams workaround here.
  • You can also add the shorthand code {ZOOM} to your confirmation & reminder emails

If you have  Invite participants to your calendar event toggled On, your booker will receive the same calendar event in their calendar that appears in yours.