Why do my emails and calendar events start with ??

If you see events in your calendar that start with double question marks, that means you've activated Tentative Bookings on your booking page. 

When you turn on Tentative Bookings, any bookings that are made via YouCanBook.me are treated as ‘requests’ that need to be approved by the person or team member being booked.  

You can take as much time as you need to decide about a booking. In the meantime, we hold the spot for that request, so no one else can book the same time slot. 

To differentiate between accepted appointments and those that are still undecided, we add two question marks to the calendar event. Depending on the subject line of your confirmation email, the question marks may also appear in your emails. 

Removing Question marks from an accepted booking

You can accept or reject a booking from the confirmation email you receive from YouCanBook.me, or on your Bookings Dashboard. Once you accept the booking, the booking is confirmed and the question marks will be removed from your calendar event, and from any future emails about that booking.

Turn off Tentative Bookings

If you don’t want to approve each appointment before it is confirmed, you can turn off the Tentative Bookings setting under Notifications > Actions > After new booking made.

Once it is turned off all new bookings made on your booking page will be automatically confirmed. You will still need to confirm any other pending bookings on your page.