Setting up a Parent Teacher conference booking page

Using to book parent teacher meetings in person or virtually this year? Follow this guide to complete your setup. 

  1. Request subscription
  2. Invite teachers to share their calendars
  3. Set up a booking page for your entire school
  4. Other booking page configurations

Request parent teacher subscription offers a specially priced subscription for parent teacher conferences which offers paid access to for all of your teachers for up to 30 days. Request a Parent Teacher subscription from the support team via this page (more about the pricing here). You can request up to 4 conferences a year, each request should be submitted individually.

Invite teachers to share calendars

Each teacher taking bookings for the conference will need to have their own Google or Outlook calendar, so bookings can go directly into their personal calendar. They can also integrate their Zoom account to generate unique Zoom meeting links for each virtual conference. 

Through you can invite them to join the account as a Contributor, where they can securely share their calendar and Zoom account credentials. 

On your Team Management page, Click Invite team members to start inviting your teachers. Enter their email address to send the invitation.

Each teacher will receive an email asking them to join your account. Once they click on the invitation from their email, they will be prompted to create an account and connect their Google or Outlook account. Next, they can click on Integrations and also connect their Zoom account. 

Setting up a booking page for your entire school

On your dashboard, click + create a new booking page

Once it's been created, click Edit settings for that booking page. On the left side of the screen, you can navigate through your settings for this booking page. 

Under General:

  1. Rename the Booking page title to identify this booking page
  2. Give the booking page a unique link to identify your school, like school-xxxx
  3. Give clear instructions to the parent in the Booking page intro
  4. Optional - upload the school's logo

Under Calendar & teams:

  1. Toggle Teams to On.
  2. When you turn on this feature you'll be prompted by a pop-up to create a notification to the teacher after booking.

Click + add team member to create a new entry for each teacher. 

For each team member you add to the booking page:

  1. Enter their email address so they can receive notifications about bookings
  2. Select their personal calendar from the dropdown list.
  3. Select their individual Zoom account from the drop down list.
  4. Optional - You can also add a teachers photo, and a description

Under Times & availability:

  1. Check the days of your conference and the times
  2. If you want just those days to appear on the booking page, set a fixed start and end date.

Under Duration & Display: 

  1. Select the duration of each booking
  2. If you don't see your desired booking duration in the dropdown, first adjust your Grid display.

Under Language & timezones:

Recommended - uncheck Automatically detect bookers timezone to make sure all bookings happen in the same timezone as your teachers calendars.

Under Booking form > Questions:

  1. Edit or add additional questions to the booking form, ie. the students name, the parents phone number, etc. Edit Team Name to Teacher Name for clarity.
  2. Optional - turn CAPTCHA test off for ease of booking.

Under Notifications > Calendar Events

  1. Edit the calendar event title - this is how the appointment will appear on the teachers calendar and the parents calendar. 
  2. Include any additional information in the calendar event description for the parent. 
  3. For Virtual Conferences, select Zoom under Event location. This will add the teachers unique Zoom link to their calendar and the parents calendar.
  4. Toggle Invite participants to your calendar event to On to ensure the booking is automatically added to the parents calendar.

Under Notifications > Actions

There are templated emails that will send to you the account owner, the parent and also a teacher when a booking is made. You can edit these confirmation emails under the section After new booking made. Click on any email to edit the content of the template. 

  1. Add the shorthand code {ZOOM} in the body of the email to display the special zoom link for that meeting. 
  2. Create a reminder email before the start of the appointment under the section Reminders before the booking

Other booking page configurations

Instead of creating a booking page for the entire school you can:

  • Create a booking page by grade level
    • Follow the steps above, only adding the teachers associated with that grade level
    • For multiple grade levels, copy your existing booking page, and listed team members on the Calendar & teams page
  • Create a unique booking page for each teacher
    • Follow the steps above, but under Calendar & teams add a single teacher, and check the box "Assume no preference"
    • Teams need to be enabled to link to each Teachers personal Zoom account
    • For multiple teachers, copy the existing booking page and edit the team member listed under Calendar & teams