Why some times are hidden on the booking page

If there is a time across a weeks' view that you are unavailable for bookings, we will automatically remove that time slot from your booking page. This feature is intended to reduce scrolling for your bookers and allow them to quickly select a time you are available for booking. 

In this article:

Hiding break times on your booking page
Hiding recurring busy times from your linked calendar

Hiding break times on your booking page

Under Times & Availability > Availability, you can set your standard working hours, and a break. The break is applied to all days on your booking page.

Any break you set in YouCanBook.me will remove those times from your booking page.

Hiding recurring busy times on your linked calendar

Additionally, YouCanBook.me will read your linked calendar and block out any times you're not available. If you have a recurring event at the same time each day on your calendar between your set working hours, that time will be removed from your booking page. 

In this example, there is a recurring break from 3-4pm - so 3pm is not available for booking on James' booking page.