Invite team members as contributors allows your entire organization to join your account take bookings in a single account. Each team member will receive bookings directly to their own Google or Outlook calendar, and can also generate unique Zoom links for each booking they receive. 

When you start the process of inviting your organization to join your account, you become the Account Owner. Follow the steps outlined in this article to get your team started. 

In this article:

Invite your team members
How team members accept the invitation
How team members integrate their Zoom accounts
How to connect your team to booking pages

Invite your team members

Invite your organization via this link, or by selecting Team Management from the dropdown menu. Click the Invite team members button to get started.

Click Invite team members and start entering the email addresses of the team members you'd like to invite to join your account as a contributor. This action will trigger an email invitation to them. 

Need to invite more than 50 team members? Contact support via the Get Help button in your Dashboard. 

Inviting an existing user

If your team member already has a account, the email will come with the subject line "[account email] has requested control over your account." 

When the team member accepts this invitation, they will temporarily not be able access any booking pages on their dashboard, as their account will revert from Account Owner to Account Contributor. 

All booking pages from their existing account will be automatically moved into the Account Owners dashboard. 

As the Account Owner or Administrator, you will later adjust their role to restore their access to existing booking pages. 

Inviting a new user

If your team member does not have an existing account, the email will come with the subject line "You’ve been invited to join" They will click Accept Invitation from the email, and follow the prompts to create a Contributor account. 

How team members accept the invitation

When the team member accepts the invitation from their email, they'll be taken into to start the setup process. First they will be prompted to accept the invitation to join the team account, along with terms of service

To complete the account setup, each team member will enter their name and select a password for their account, and then select the calendar account they want to integrate with This is the calendar account where all their bookings will reside. 

How team members integrate their Zoom accounts

Once each team member has integrated their selected calendar, they'll be taken to their Account page. From here each team member can click on  Integrations to integrate additional calendar accounts, or their personal Zoom account.

When a team member has accepted the invitation as a Contributor, you can make them an Editor or Administrator, connect them to any of your existing booking pages, or create a new booking page for them. 

Click here to read our full setup guide for teams.

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