Customizing the bookers' calendar event

By default, YCBM will automatically add the event to both your calendar and to your client's. Read this guide on how to customize what the client sees on their calendar. 

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Invite participant to your calendar event
Adjust your calendar description
Set a location for your event
Create a custom event for bookers

Invite Participants to your calendar event

When you invite your booker as a participant to the event, the event is automatically added to their calendar at the time of booking. They will also receive a calendar invitation email generated by your Google or Outlook account, in addition to any confirmation email scheduled to send through YCBM.

Under Notifications > Calendar Events, toggle Invite participants to your calendar event to On.

Select the Email field from your booking form, or "All Emails" so that the event is added to the calendar linked to the email they provide on your booking form.

The calendar event will appear the same on your calendar as on theirs - so make sure the event title and description provides all the details your clients need to see.

Adjust your calendar description

You can customize the information in the calendar event. You want to add anything that will help the booker understand what the meeting is about and what to expect.

Change the description here:

You can add Cancellation and Reschedule links by adding:

To Cancel click here:

To Reschedule click here:

As seen in this preview:

Set the location of your event

It is important to add a location for your booking so your booker does not get confused and to reduce the likelihood that your booker doesn't show up.  

The options currently for location:

  • In Person at a physical address
  • Through Google Meet (if integrated with a Google Calendar)
  • Through MS Teams (if integrated with a Microsoft Calendar)
  • Through Zoom (if Zoom is integrated)
  • Or any other meeting link

Use the location option here:
When you turn this on you will see all options

Create a custom event for bookers

When you do not invite your booker as a participant on the event, they need to manually add the booking to their calendar using the Add to Calendar buttons. Turning off Invite participants will also stop the calendar invitation email from being sent, but all notifications scheduled to send through will still send. 

Under Notifications > Calendar events, toggle Invite participants to your calendar event to  Off. Next, on the top right, click Booker calendar event

You can now customize the way the event appears in your bookers' calendar. When they click the Add to calendar buttons in their confirmation email, this is how the event will appear. You can use the { } in the toolbar to access any of the shorthand codes from your booking page to customize details about their event.

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