Customizing the bookers' calendar event

There are two ways to customize the way the booking appears in your bookers' calendar.

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Invite participant to your calendar event
Create a custom event for bookers

Invite Participants to your calendar event

If you invite your booker as a participant to the event, the event is automatically added to their calendar at the time of booking. They will also receive a calendar invitation email in addition to any confirmation email you have scheduled to send through 

The event added to their calendar is connected to the event in your calendar. Any changes you make to the calendar event will be updated for them as well - if the booking is rescheduled, it will automatically move on their calendar. If the booking is cancelled, it will automatically be removed from their calendar.

Under Notifications > Calendar events, toggle  Invite participants to your calendar event to On

Below the box select the bookers' Email or All Emails entered on the booking form - the booker will have the event automatically added to the calendar linked to that email address. They can also use the Add to Calendar buttons in their email to add this booking to a different calendar than the one associated with their booking. 

The calendar event will appear the same on your calendar as on theirs - so make sure the calendar event title and event description are the way you would like your booker to see them. 

Create a custom event for bookers

If you create a custom event for your booker, the event is not connected to the event in your calendar. Their calendar event will not move if the booking is rescheduled or cancelled - they will have to do this manually.

Under Notifications > Calendar events, toggle Invite participants to your calendar event to  Off. On the top right, click Booker calendar event

You can now customize the way the event appears in your bookers' calendar. When they click the Add to calendar buttons in their confirmation email, this is how the event will appear. You can use the { } in the toolbar to access any of the shorthand codes from your booking page to customize details about their event. Use {FORMFIELDS} to include all the information they filled out on the booking form, and {ZOOM-LINK} to add your unique Zoom link for that booking.