How do I resolve the "too many linked calendars" message?

If you see a banner on your account saying you're linking to more calendars than you're paying for, you have two options to clear this message and avoid any disruption in service.

Remove unnecessary linked calendars

You're seeing this warning because your booking pages are linking to more calendars than you're paying for. There are several ways to check which calendars are being linked.

If you just have a few booking pages, open each page on your dashboard, and check the linked Calendars under the Calendar & Teams section of each booking page. Uncheck any unnecessary calendars and Save to resolve the warning. 

If you have a larger number of booking pages, navigate to your Integrations page, and check which calendars in your integrated accounts are being linked. Click Show Usage to find the booking pages linking to the unnecessary calendars and unlink them. The calendar needs to be unlinked from all booking pages listed so it no longer counts towards your calendar total. Click Edit calendars next to those booking pages to unlink that calendar. 

If you are using Team Management, go Team Management page, and click Manage next to each team member to see how many of their calendars are being linked across booking pages. 

You can also set a booking page offline to reduce your calendar account, but setting all booking pages offline does not cancel or pause your subscription.

Upgrade your subscription

If you determine that your account is linking to the correct number of calendars based on what you see on your Integrations page here, then you can proceed with upgrading your subscription. The upgrade will prorate price of the new number of calendars based on your current subscription renewal date.