Send a reminder email or SMS

Notifications automate all of your communication with your booker about their upcoming appointment. 

Email and SMS reminders are a great way to keep your bookers engaged and reduce no-shows. You can also create reminders for yourself or your team members. 

In this guide you'll learn how to create multiple reminder emails and SMS to your booker, yourself or your team member. 

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Create an email reminder to booker
Create an email reminder to yourself or team member
Create an SMS reminder

Create an email reminder to booker

On the booking page you'd like to add a reminder, navigate to Notifications > Actions. Click Reminders before a booking to expand that section. 

Each booking page is created with a reminder to the booker 1 hour before the start of their appointment. You can edit this reminder by clicking on it, or click + to create an additional reminder. Reminders can be sent days, hours or minutes before the start of a booking.

Follow the prompts to create an Email reminder to booker. 

For any email reminder to booker, you may choose to modify some default settings.

When will this action be triggered

Set how many minutes, hours or days before the start of the appointment will this email go out to the booker. 

For example if you set a 1 day reminder and the appointment is booked for Monday at 10am, the reminder will automatically send Sunday at 10am.

Sending name & email address 

By default, this reminder email to booker will send from the Account Owners email address. 

Click  Edit next to the email address to change both the name and email address sending the email. On a team booking page, you can choose to send it from the team member booked by selecting {TEAM-EMAIL} from the dropdown.

The sending email address must be valid and verified for use with If your email domain is DMARC protected, emails will default to sending from to ensure delivery. (What is DMARC?)

💡 Improving email delivery

You may choose to integrate a Google based email account with Emails to your booker will send directly from that account, improving deliverability to the inbox. All team member emails will send from the same Gmail account. 

Receiving email address

By default, this reminder email will go to the email address the booker has entered on the booking form.If you wish to send the cancellation to multiple people, select Custom Email from the drop down list, and enter the email addresses that should receive this confirmation, separated by a comma. 

Email subject line

Give the email a subject line that will grab your bookers attention. You can add in shorthand codes to customize the title (i.e. "Your {TYPE-NAME} appointment starts in 15 minutes!" will display the type of appointment they've booked.) 

Email content

You can fully customize the body of the email that will send to your booker.

Use the styling toolbar to add bold or italic text, insert images or logos, hyperlink a website or personalize the email using shorthand codes from your booking form. 

Be sure to include the details of how you meet in this reminder email.

💡 Generating unique video conference links?

Use {ZOOM} {GOOGLEMEET} or {MSTEAMS} in the body of your reminder email to display a clickable unique video conference link for your meeting. Your booker can also find these links on the calendar event in the Location field. 

Create an email reminder to you or team member

In Reminders before the booking, you can also create an email reminder to yourself or to the team member booked. 

Click the + and follow the prompts to select email reminder to yourself or to team member. 

Just like with the confirmation email to team member,  you can modify when this email sends to you or your team member, as well as the content of the message. 

Create an SMS reminder

You may prefer to send a SMS message to yourself or your booker about the cancellation, or you may decide to send both and email and a SMS. 

💡 How do I know my SMS is setup properly?

SMS credits are not included in your subscription, so ensure you have purchased adequate credits. 1 credits can send 160 characters (letters, special characters, etc). 

To send SMS to you booker, add a "Phone Number" question to your booking form and ensure  Mobile phone is checked to properly enable the SMS to be sent. 

Under    Notifications > Actions > Reminders before a booking, click  + to add a new SMS confirmation. Select the SMS template you want to work with, SMS to yourself, or to your booker.

For each SMS notification you set up, decide:

When will this SMS be triggered? 

Set how many minutes, hours or days before the start of booking the SMS will be sent. 


In the Send to field, select the Phone number question from your booking form. If you are sending the SMS to yourself, select   Enter a custom phone number from the dropdown and enter your mobile phone number in the field below.

If sending the SMS to a custom phone number, the phone number should be entered in the format  +XXXXXXXXXXX, with the number starting with a plus sign and your country code. Incorrectly formatted phone numbers will result in the SMS not sending. 

The SMS message can send to multiple recipients. Select  Enter a custom phone number, and enter multiple shorthand codes from your booking page or multiple phone numbers, separated by a comma. 

SMS Message

Personalize the SMS message that will send as a reminder. Use the curly brackets in the styling toolbar to add shorthand codes from your booking page.

Do not format links in your SMS message - your link will become automatically hyperlinked when delivered to your client's SMS application.

Keep this message brief - 1 credit allows for 160 characters. Shorthand codes may expand to longer text, resulting in more than 1 credit being used in a single message. Use the counter on the top right corner of the message box to estimate how many credits your SMS will take.

💡 Generating unique video conference links?

Use {ZOOM-LINK} {GOOGLEMEET-LINK} or {MSTEAMS-LINK} in the body of your reminder SMS to display the unique video conference link for your meeting. Your bookers SMS application will make these links clickable. 

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