Best practices for uploading images

There are a few places you can add an image, logo or headshot to your booking flow. Adding images is a great way to personalize your booking page and notifications.

Booking page image

A great way to customize and brand your booking page is to add your headshot or company logo. It helps customers know they're in the right place to book with you.

You'll find the option to add an image in General settings. The image will show on all pages of your booking flow, alongside your booking page title and booking instructions.

For the best display, we recommend a square image that is no bigger than 600 x 600 pixels.

💡 If you have a rectangular image or logo, you can use our recommended free image editor to place the rectangle image in a square box for better display in

Here are some examples of how your images might look:

Horizontal logo

For horizontal logos, we recommend images that are 500 pixels or less in width. This ensures it fits within the diameter of the circular display. For best display results, place your horizontal logo into a square image 500 x 500. 

Tile logo

For tile logos, we recommend 400 x 400 pixels with a 100 pixel white or transparent border. Again, this ensures it will fit inside the circular display.


For headshots, we recommend 600 x 600 pixels — and a winning smile!

Team Member images

You can also add images if you offer a choice of team members or appointment types to your customers.

For team booking pages, you'll find the option to add an image when you add a member to your team. The image will show beside your team member's name and description.

Appointment Type images

For appointment types, you'll find the option to add an image when you add an appointment type. The image will show beside the appointment type name and description.

For the best display, we recommend a square image 500 x 500 pixels, with enough white space around the edge to the full image is displayed. 

Notifications image

You can also add images to email notifications. Click the picture icon in the editing toolbar to upload an image. 

The maximum file size you can upload here is 2000 x 2000px. The image will appear wherever you choose to place it. In the emails that send, the image will be resized to fit the format of the email.

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