Create or copy a booking page

You may need separate booking pages for your team members, different office locations, different languages, types of appointments, or more. With a paid account, you can add as many booking pages as you need, up to 200 separate booking pages. 

Create a new booking page

On your dashboard, click the + sign next to All booking pages at the top of your Dashboard to create a new booking page from scratch or, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click Create a new booking page. 

Creating a new booking page will create a new page from scratch. You'll need to set all of your settings for each new booking page you create, which is great if you have different availability for different locations, appointment types or want to offer booking pages in different languages.

Duplicate an existing booking page

You can also select Duplicate under the Edit settings button to copy an existing booking page.

Duplicating a booking page will give copy all of the settings of your original booking page, but with a different booking page URL. This is great if you want to use similar settings repeated across a number of booking pages. Once copied you can then edit the page as normal with any required changes, including the URL, the availability, and your confirmations & reminders. 

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