Customize the confirmation page after booking

After making a booking, your client will see a confirmation page. Decide if you want to display a customized message to the booker, or redirect them to your website or another link. 

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Customize the confirmation page
Redirect bookers to another website

Display a custom confirmation message

In the section Booking Form > After Booking, you can customize what appears on the screen when your customer has completed the process. Use the toolbar to add hyperlinks, or shorthand codes.

Redirect to URL

Use this option if you want to send your customers to your website, or another external page outside of after booking. Instead of seeing the confirmation page above, they will be directed to this link after clicking Confirm Booking. 

💡 Formatting your redirect URL

The redirect URL must be entered with the https format, ie http or www will break our secure pages and cause an error.

If you have your booking page embedded in your website, you'll want to check the option to Update the whole browser window when using an iframe so that the entire browser window redirects to your link, not just the iframe.

When using this option, you can include any information about the booking by embedding the corresponding shorthand code in the link. For example, the link you redirect to might be 


Which would pass back the booking reference when the customer returns. Your web designer could then display different information based on this information to tailor the experience for each customer.

If you want to send the customer to another booking page with their data pre-filled, In that case, the system can 'save' the data based on the booking ID they've just made, and all the data should pre-fill exactly as you expect.

So you would use this:{ID}

If you're using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, the 'redirect to a specific url' option will allow you to track any conversions using the tracking code set up on your own website.

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