How to switch to the new experience

If you have an account created before May 2019, some of your booking pages may not be reflecting the most up-to-date version of

We have introduced a new booking experience with the aim of making it easier for your bookers to schedule a time to meet with you. 

What's changed

Booking pages on the booking experience have:

  • Improved performance
  • Better accessibility
  • Completely redesigned mobile view

All of which has led to a 20% increase in bookings on the new experience compared to the old themes.

To optimize the experience, there are a few things that are no longer supported such as,

  • Hiding unchecked days
    To create a consistent weekly view, we no longer support hiding unchecked days.
  • Showing a custom number of days per page
    To create a consistent weekly view, we no longer show more than 7 days per page.
  • Using custom colors and fonts
    To improve accessibility, legibility, and a consistent user interface, we no longer allow custom fonts or being able to choose more than 1 custom color. To personalize your booking page, you can choose your brand color in the Styles & Appearance settings.
  • Adding a booking page header
    To maintain a consistent user interface and ensure booking times are front and center of your booking page, we no longer support having a custom header. To include extra information and personalization, you can include a footer by visiting the Styles & Appearance settings.

How to switch

To switch your booking page, there are a few simple steps,

  • Log in and visit your dashboard.
  • If you have booking pages using the old experience, you’ll see various prompts on your dashboard to help you switch. One on the right-hand side, and one on each of your booking pages listed on the dashboard.
  • Using one of these prompts will open a modal, allowing you to preview how your booking page will look using the new experience, you can see how it’ll look on desktop and mobile devices.
  • If you’re using any of the settings detailed above, we’ll ask you to confirm you’re happy with the changes before making the switch.
  • After confirming you’re happy and making the switch, you’re chosen booking page will switch to the new experience! 
  • You'll continue to see the prompts on your dashboard until all your booking pages are using the new experience.

Some things to note

If you’re using CSS on your booking page, you'll want to make sure any existing code doesn't interfere with the new layout. We don’t support CSS on the new experience so we recommend clearing the CSS in your Styles & Appearance section.

You’ll only see the prompts to switch to the new experience if you’re logged into on a desktop device. This is to allow you to preview how the changes will look on both desktop and mobile.

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