Set up a booking page for 1:1 sessions with students

Follow these steps to set up your teacher booking page to be ready to book 1-on-1 sessions with your students in no time.

In this article:

Link your calendar
Customize your booking link and image 
Set your availability
Set your session duration
Add questions to your booking form
Customize your confirmation page
Edit the confirmation emails
Customize the calendar event
Make a test booking

Link your Google or Outlook calendar account to This will allow us to see any existing events you already have scheduled so that you're not double-booked. This will be the same calendar where we add booked 1-on-1 sessions you receive from your students. 

On your Integrations page, click Connect under the type of calendar account you use. Enter your credentials and you're all set!

On your dashboard, Click Edit Settings on your booking page. 

From the left navigation menu, select General. Here you can customize your booking link, give your booking page a title, and upload an image - yourself or your school logo.

Move down to Calendar & Teams. Make sure we are looking at the correct calendar on your account. Click edit if it is not correct and select the correct calendar from the list. Our pricing (not including any applicable educator discounts) is based on how many calendars you select in this section.

Set your availability

Move down to Times & Availability. Here you will select the days you want to take bookings. Select Repeating availability, and then select the days you're open for 1-on-1 sessions. For each day set your start and end times. 

Any busy event already on your linked calendar during these set days and times will result in that time being unavailable for booking on your booking page. 

Set your session duration

Next, move to Duration & Display. Adjust your grid display and select a booking duration (the length of each booked session).

Finally, move down to Language & Timezones. If all of your students are in the same timezone as you, uncheck the feature to "automatically detect bookers timezone." All bookings will occur in the timezone of your linked calendar.

Add questions to Booking Form

The next section of the left navigation menu is Booking Form. Here you will add questions to your booking form - anything you need to know from your student before you meet with them. You can add multiple choice questions, or longer freeform answers.

Recommended: Toggle CAPTCHA Test off for easier booking on mobile devices. 

Click + Add question, select the question type from the drop down list. Edit the label, this is how the question will appear on the booking form. Decide if the question will be required or not. 

Customize your Confirmation page

The After Booking page is a confirmation page that will display to your student once they've booked a time with you. Anything in a curly bracket is called a shorthand code and pulls data they've entered into the booking form to personalize your communications. Click Insert shorthand codes to add any other necessary information you want to include on this confirmation page. 

Edit the confirmation & reminder emails

Move down to Notifications on the left navigation menu. The Actions section contains all of the emails that will send to you and your student after they've booked with you. They can each be customized, including links to any class web pages or homework they need to download. 

In the first section, After new booking made, edit the Confirmation email to booker.

  1. Set how many minutes after the booking will this email send to your student
  2. Edit your sending name and email address if needed
  3. Edit the subject line of the email so it stands out in their inbox
  4. Edit the content of the email - include providing your static Zoom link, or if you've integrated Zoom with use the shorthand code {ZOOM} to display the unique Zoom link for their booking.
  5. Insert any additional shorthand codes or images to further customize this email. 

We also recommend editing the reminder email before the appointment, as this can help reduce no-shows. You can also add additional reminders 1 hour, 15 minutes up to 1 minute before their appointment is set to start!

Customize the calendar event

The next section you'll want to edit is Calendar Events, in the Notifications section of the left navigation menu. This is how the event will appear on your calendar once you are booked. 

  1. Edit the Calendar event title so it is more clear who you are meeting with. 
  2. Include any additional information in the calendar event description, including the shorthand code {ZOOM-LINK} if you have Zoom integrated.
  3. If you have Zoom integrated, select create a virtual meeting using zoom to generate that unique meeting link in the calendar event location box. 
  4. Toggle on Invite participants to your event to automatically add the booking to your student's calendar. 

Make a test booking

That's it! You've setup your booking page to begin taking bookings. Make sure on the top right menu your booking page is set online. Then click the Live booking page to test how your students will see your page. Make a test booking and see how the process will be for them, and how the booking will appear on your own calendar.